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The Early Years-Polly Bergen

Twenty-five tracks from 1950-56. Musicians include Joe Venuti and Matty Matlock. There are some hillbilly tracks from the beginning of her career but the bulk of the selections are the torch songs that made her famous. Highlights include: “I Got … Continue reading


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Jack The Ripper (1959)

Umpteenth version of the story is a pretty good presentation. The music is by Stanley Black. A superior version of the soundtrack was released in America in 1959 by Pete Rugolo. This movie version opens with a voice asking a … Continue reading

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Last View Of Eden-Ralph Hayes (1981)

Corporate greed and ambition combine to cover up an accident that’s poisoning beef and dairy herds in the Midwest. This is sometimes mistakenly marketed as SF. Western Chemicals makes a livestock feed additive called AD-KEM. Now they have a drain … Continue reading

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Randall And Hopkirk Deceased (1969-71)

Private eye show with the gimmick that one of the partners is dead. Mike Pratt is Jeff Randall and Kenneth Cope is Marty Hopkirk. He’s the dead one. Annette Andre is Marty’s widow Jeannie. Not bad but the gimmick does … Continue reading

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Cat Girl (1957)

Pale imitation of 1942’s “Curse Of The Cat People.” I had to fight to stay awake in what’s supposed to be a psychological thriller billed as a horror film. This is Barbara Shelley’s first English movie following several she made … Continue reading

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User Friendly-Spider Robinson (Short Stories and Essays)

A combination of seventeen short stories and essays with the essays being the highlights. They cover 1974,77,78,82,86,88,93,96,98, Favorite stories: “Copyright Violation” (1988 novelette) – A super nerd is minding his own business singing along with a John Lennon tune on … Continue reading

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Jack Fina Plays Boogie Woogie (1959)

Jack Fina made his name in the Freddy Martin band and became known as one of the best pianists of the era. Here he is with in a trio format with Herb Lessner on bass and Tiny Magardo on drums. … Continue reading

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Inside The Lines (1930)

Betty Compson is fun to watch as a spy during World War One. The movie isn’t bad but then….there’s that ending. Germany 1914. Jane Gershon (Betty Compson) has fallen for Eric Woodhouse (Ralph Forbes) in only seven days. She tells … Continue reading

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Adventure In Manhattan (1936)

Jean Arthur gives her usual good performance. Too bad the movie is an annoying dud. Joel McCrea is a crime reporter who can’t shut up and comes on like Sherlock Holmes but he’s not nearly as clever..even though he thinks … Continue reading

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Open At Your Own Risk-Edited by Joan Kahn

Kahn’s seventh antholgy of fact and fiction shows she ran out of the A and B stuff. Still there are a few very good stories and articles from 1911,23,24,29,35,41,43,47,49,53,57,58,62,63,67. Twenty-five entries in all. Favorite Fiction: “A Place Of One’s Own” … Continue reading

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