The Third Man (1959-65)

Jonathan Harris-Michael Rennie

Jonathan Harris-Michael Rennie

TV series based on the Graham Greene novella and the 1949 movie starring Orson Wells. Michael Rennie is Harry Lime and Jonathan Harris is his associate Bradford Webster.

August 15,1964 episode: “A Little Knowledge” – In Madrid, Harry gets a note slipped under his hotel room door. He doesn’t see the woman who put it there. It tells him to go a villa. He leaves and tells Bradford to dig into the stuffed squid.

At the villa is Consuela Ronda. She’s the one who left the note but of course Harry doesn’t know that and she doesn’t say anything. Harry uses the typewriter to see if that’s where the note was written. Outside is a gardener. Consuelo gets a rose from him and pins it on Harry’s lapel before he goes.

The gardener is big time crook Arturo Mendoza. He’s concerned that Harry recognized him. Outside the patio door he sees a cop. They fire at each other. Arturo’s done for. Consuelo and Arturo’s secretary Juan seem happy about it.

Harry gets a visit from police Captain Ramirez. He asks Harry why a hit has been put out on him. Harry doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t believe it anyway. When he goes to leave someone takes a shot at him. He believes it now. He can’t figure out who and Ramirez says he’s sticking with him.

Harry is confined to his hotel room. He tells Bradford to go and see Luis Mendoza, Arturo’s brother. When he tells him Luis is also a big time crook Bradford gets nervous but goes anyway. When he gets to the address Consuelo and Juan are also there. He notices a shipment of diamond cutting tools that were a lost shipment from one of Harry’s companies. Luis wants to know where Harry is staying. Bradford has no choice but to tell him. After all there are two gunmen there pointing their weapons at him.

Back at the hotel he tells Harry. Now he has to pull a stunt to get out of there and see Luis himself. He’ll walk into a nasty situation. Luis thinks he set Arturo up.

Michael Rennie is always good to watch and Jonathan Harris is a lot more low key than he ever was in “Lost In Space” as the manic Dr.Smith.


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