The Dirty Outlaws (1967)

the dirty outlaws 1969

Good one from the spaghetti holster. A ghost town gets crowded as a military pay wagon is on its way. Lots of action and tension. It takes place at the close of the Civil War even though it’s not part of the story.

Steve is known as Desperado. He’s about to be hung as a horse thief when a preacher rides on the scene. With the rope around his neck Steve asks for a bible. The preacher obliges. There’s a gun inside. The two manage to make every bullet count as they get away.

The preacher is Steve’s old pal Jonathan who hasn’t seen him for a couple years. He asks him to join him in grabbing some gold. Steve says he rides alone. A passing group of Confederate soldiers are carrying some wounded. They think Jonathan is a preacher and he goes with them.

While by a riverside a wounded soldier shows up. Before he dies he tells Steve about how he sent his father money to buy a ranch. That gets Steve’s attention. The man’s father is blind and is the only resident of a ghost town called Overton. He tells Steve to go there and give his father Sam his gun. When he expires Steve rides off.

In Overton Sam is being taken care of by the towns’ last resident, the young Katy. Steve rides in and masquerades as Sam’s son Bill. Sam says he’s changed but the gun convinces him it’s really his son. Steve finds out where the money is hidden. Riding into town are two soldiers who are supposed to meet a military pay wagon.

Later in rides the Asher gang along with Lucy. They’re after the money too. They grab the two soldiers and try and convince them to tell them about the gold. Their screams spook the horses. Steve investigates and gets captured. Lucy is an old flame and tells the gang Steve’s real identity. Katy listens in and now knows he’s a phony.

The next day the wagon rolls in. The two drivers don’t suspect anything, turn over the wagon and ride off. They told the soldiers the money was really in the grain sacks in the saddlebags and not the two coffins in the wagon. Asher’s boys open the coffins. Nothing. They force one of the soldiers to tell them where it really is stashed.

Steve told them he would move the wagon. When they go outside Steve’s gone with the money. They ride after him and catch him. They bring him back to town and use him for a soccer ball. Sam hears the commotion and comes outside with a gun. He thinks it’s his son Bill in trouble. Asher and his gang have fun with him and fire bullets his way. These guys really are dirty outlaws. They let the two soldiers go only to fill them fill of holes. Now it’s Sam’s turn to be a colander.

Next up…Steve. Lucy tells Asher she wants to kill him for deserting her. She pumps three bullets into him.

But wait……

Lots of action to come and a bit of a surprise ending that works. Of course Clint Eastwood and Lee Va Cleef are the gold standard of the genre but on the list below them of the good movies of the couple hundred made, this is one to see.


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