‘Till Death Do Us Part (1966-75)

Anthony Booth-Una Stubbs-Dandy Nichols-Warren Mitchell

Anthony Booth-Una Stubbs-Dandy Nichols-Warren Mitchell

The inspiration for “All In The Family.” Warren Mitchell is Alf Garnett, Dandy Nichols is his wife Else, Una Stubbs is their Daughter Rita and Anthony Booth is their son-in-law Mike .Alf is a cockney whose bigotry takes on the world.

Opening episode: June 6,1966 – “Arguments,Arguments” – Alf is a Tory and Mike supports the current Labor Party government. It’s a loud argument between Alf and Mike as Alf rails against Harold Wilson. Even Else tells Mike to shut up.

The argument escalates and Alf wants Mike to move out. Mike says he doesn’t want to work forty years and end up living in a muck hole like Alf. Mike storms out. Alf saying he needs a drink takes off a bit later. Instead of referring to her as a dingbat he uses the phrases “silly moo” and “silly mare.”

Alf walks into the pub. Mike doesn’t see him and is making fun of him to his friends. Alf sits down  in front of the dart board. Mike and his pals want to play darts. Alf won’t move. More arguing. Mike pretends to be really drunk and motions like he’s going to through a dart at Alf. Al grabs all the darts and keeps them.

Having had enough of it all, the bartender bars Alf. Mike takes exception and he and his friends start to walk out saying they’re also barred. Meanwhile back home Else and Rita think Alf and Mike are probably killing each other at the pub. They don’t know that they’re so drunk they’re pals and singing and having a great time.

They stagger home and the women want nothing to do with them. The next morning they’re hung over but that doesn’t stop them from arguing. This time is over the difference, if any, between an argument and a discussion.

Alf was a lot more free with the bigoted language than Archie Bunker ever was and Else was not the subservient Edith.


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