U 67 (The Sea Ghost) (1931)

u-67 (the sea ghost) 1931

Slow moving story about a disgraced Lieutenant in world war one and a twisted plotline about a woman bar owner who stands to inherit a million.

Lt.Greg Winters (Alan Hale) is found guilty of neglecting his duty. He chose to stand by and try and rescue survivors of a torpedoed passenger steamer Alatania rather than engage the enemy U 67 that sunk her.

It’s now 1925 in New Orleans. Winters is the captain of the S.S.Scavenger. His boss is sleazy lawyer Henry Sykes. Sykes hires a man named Ludwig to dive into the sea and recover a box from the wreck of the Alatania. He won’t tell Winters what’s inside or why Ludwig is the only man who can do it. Sykes is also chasing cafe owner Evelyn Inchcape (Laura La Plante). She wants nothing to do with him but he won’t give up.

Before the Scavenger sails, Percy Atwater shows up. He missed a yacht he was supposed to be on and since Winters is a friend he’s allowed onboard. Since he’s an English rich twit he’s a figure of fun to the first mate and crew.

Winters goes below with Ludwig who for some unknown reasons stops to say a prayer before bringing up the box. In his cabin Winters finds out that Ludwig was the captain of the U 67 and holds him prisoner. Then he and Percy break into the box.

Back on land Sykes continues his campaign for Evelyn. Turns out he’s so persistent because she could inherit a million bucks. Inside the box were two wills signed by her uncle. One leaves everything to her and the other to a cousin who was onboard the Alatania when it went down. Winters rips the wills in half and gives one portion to Evelyn until it gets figured out.

Sykes wanted to have someone claim to be the cousin so he could split the inheritance with him. That night in the cafe Evelyn learns a secret that Ludwig has been hiding. Sykes keeps trying to put his plot into motion. Winters and Ludwig finally have the confrontation they’ve been waiting for. It’s another one of those patented early movie speeded up brawls.

The movie goes where you would expect. This isn’t anything special and Claud Alister providing comedy relief as Percy is annoying. Clarence Wilson plays it like a silent movie veteran complete with hand gestures and a creepy walk. If there are any reasons to watch this it’s for the curious about Alan hale, Jr.s father and to see one of the early blonde bombshells in Laura La Plante.

Laura La Plante

Laura La Plante


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