Inconstant Moon-Larry Niven (Short Stories)

larry niven-inconstant moon

Seven stories from 1965,66,69,71. Favorites:

“Inconstant Moon” (1971) – Great story about the last day on Earth as the Sun has gone nova.

“Bordered In Black” (1968) – Carver Rappaport and William “Wall” Kameon take a ten billion dollar FTL ship to the Sirius system. Only Carver returns and the ship is destroyed. He tells the story of what they discovered on the fourth planet that orbits Sirius B. It looks like a huge farm. From space they see a moving black border. They make a discovery that shocks them.

“One Face” (1965 novelette) – In hyperspace a ship is struck by a meteorite and remains in stasis for a few billion years. When they return Earth has lost its atmosphere and only has one face to the Sun which is now a white dwarf. The crew figures their best chance lies on Earth rather than searching out another star system.

“Death By Ecstasy” (1969 Gil Hamilton novelette) – Gil has to find out why an asteroid miner died while hooked up to a machine connected to the pleasure center of his brain. Gil is captured by an organlegger gang that trades in spare parts.


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2 Responses to Inconstant Moon-Larry Niven (Short Stories)

  1. J.W. Kurtz says:

    I love Larry Niven’s work! Good job! A shame that of all the films made from Sci Fi it is always the most loud and glittery and not works like Niven, Bradbury, Heinlein, and Clarke.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Hollywood doesn’t have a clue about how to make an intelligent SF movie. Story has taken a far away back seat to special effects. There was an attempt to make “Stranger In A Strange Land” many years ago. Fortunately it never happened. My favorite writer in any genre is Harlan Ellison and his columns about Hollywood are priceless.

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