City At Night (1949-1950)

Keith Heatherington-Dorothy Gardiner

Keith Heatherington-Dorothy Gardiner

Awkward magazine show broadcast on KTLA in Los Angeles and hosted by Keith Heatherington and Dorothy Gardiner.

The October 11,1949 episode is of special interest to SF fans. The entire show takes place on the set of the upcoming movie “Destination Moon” set for release in 1950. As crude as this is it’s still interesting to see George Pal and Robert A.Heinlein being interviewed.

The show has a cornball start with Keith and Dorothy coming out of a spaceship and pretending to be scared when four men in spacesuits approach. Then they get down to business and introduce the actors from the movie. Out comes director Irving Pichel who is there for the whole show.

Pichel brings out producer George Pal and he brings in Robert A.Heinlein who everyone calls Bob. He explains what the movie is about and how he wanted the science to be accurate. Others who are working on the movie are introduced including cameramen, the assistant director and the editor. One of the cameramen says he hopes that by 1960 TV will be in color.

Keith and Dorothy have trouble walking around the stages and the various sets and are sometimes off camera. Some people try and keep out of the way but you’ll seeing them trying to duck. The hosts have to keep reminding everyone to face the camera so the audience can see them.

Along with all the movie people test pilot Gene May comes out. He has to be careful not to reveal too many details of his latest flight. Various members of the Navy are on hand to talk about the plane and the movie spaceship with Heinlein.

They all move upstairs to the interior of the ship and there’s a sly reference to Dorothy and a casting couch. Keith ends up laying down on the ship’s couch. Everyone seems ill acquainted with how to act on TV but it’s still interesting to hear what they have to say.

The show closes with a Navy man congratulating Heinlein on making the movie accurate and not just the usual women on the Moon type of movie.

The show drags but it’s still worth checking out to see some of the people behind the movie.



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