The Solaris Book Of New Science Fiction Volume Three-Edited by George Mann (2009)

george mann-the solaris book of new science fiction volume three

Fifteen good stories all from 2009. Favorites:

“Fixation” – Alastair Reynolds – A two thousand year old mechanical device is discovered underwater. It’s now in a museum and is being cleaned and put together by a scientist who likes to work alone. In another part of the museum a lecture is being given on the device. The theory is that it’s getting restored thanks to leaks from alternate universes.

“Providence” – Paul De Fillipo – The Earth is populated by machines that were created by what they call carnals. They were humans who have all disappeared. Reddy K. is a big fan of vinyl 45’s and LP’s. He heads from Manhattan to Providence, Rhode Island to pick up a warehouse full.

“Carnival Night” – Warren Hammond – A homicide detective on a grungy world is investigating the murder of an off worlder whose wife hates the planet where her husband wanted to try and open a business and can’t wait to leave. She thinks a jealous citizen killed him. The last line is great.

“Long Stay” – Ian Watson – There’s a twenty-six mile parking lot between airports. Back from a trip a man can’t find his car. He discovers a small population that gave up looking for their cars and now live there.

Other authors: Jack Stillingstead, Stephen Baxter, John Meaney, Scott Edelman, Paul Cornell, Adam Roberts, Jennifer Pelland, Daniel Abraham, Tim Akers and Ken MacLeod.


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