Open At Your Own Risk-Edited by Joan Kahn

joan kahn (editor)-open at your own risk

Kahn’s seventh antholgy of fact and fiction shows she ran out of the A and B stuff. Still there are a few very good stories and articles from 1911,23,24,29,35,41,43,47,49,53,57,58,62,63,67. Twenty-five entries in all.

Favorite Fiction:

“A Place Of One’s Own” (1953) – Osbert Sitwell – A couple retires to the countryside and moves into a house reported to be haunted. A woman hanged herself there and a servant couple met a strange death two years later. The new tenant thinks a neighborhood child is playing games and that’s why she hears knocking and voices. Her husband sees things moving on their own. Their maid takes a month off just to get away. The situation continues to get more dangerous.

“The Toll-House” – W.W.Jacobs – Another haunted house story. Four men go to spend a night in a haunted house. Two of them fall asleep. The others are not having a good time.

“A Theme For Hyacinth” (1967) – A man who is not attractive to women is more than surprised when a very pretty girl comes on to him. She has a good reason. She’s also married.

“Stay Of Execution” (1963) – Michael Gilbert – An innocent man is charged with murder. He gave his girlfriend his gun. Later he discovers her body. Instead of reporting it he gets rid of the body, the gun and the car. He’ll pay for his dumb moves.

“The Beast With Five Fingers” (1947) – William Fryer Harvey – The classic story about a hand with a mind of its own.

“Sensational Occurrence At A Poetry Reading” (1943)  – P.G.Woodehouse – Very funny story about the planned robbery of an expensive necklace. The story contains a number of entertaining quirky characters.

Other authors: Charlotte Curtis Stetson Gilman, W.Somerset Maugham, Shirley Jackson, Sir Walter Scott, Gerald Bullet, Stella Benson, Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, Jorge Luis Borges, E.F.Benson, Christopher Lazare, Violet Hunt and Jan Gerhard Toonder

Favorite Fact Articles:

“Murder In Solitude” (1955) – Alister Karshaw – Grisly account of France’s answer to Jack The Ripper, Joseph Vacher. He killed at least eleven people.

“Miss Parsons” (1907) – Henry Wilson – What happens when people fake a haunted house to cover up murder.

There are a number of other factual articles but they didn’t garner a whole lot of interest.





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