User Friendly-Spider Robinson (Short Stories and Essays)

spider robinson-user friendly

A combination of seventeen short stories and essays with the essays being the highlights. They cover 1974,77,78,82,86,88,93,96,98,

Favorite stories:

“Copyright Violation” (1988 novelette) – A super nerd is minding his own business singing along with a John Lennon tune on a bar jukebox when a knockout babe comes on to him. Onlookers can’t believe it and some even drop their drinks. He takes her back to his place and gets quite an education thanks to a gold crown.. This is funny stuff.

“When No Man Pursueth (1974 novelette) – Fleming is a passenger on the interstellar ship This Train. He sees a Greenie from Sirius break into a cabin and kill an Earthman. Whoever he reports it to disappears. Robinson has fun with the pulps without going overboard.

“Too Soon We Grow Old” (1978) – A wealthy woman wants to have children when she wants them. She goes into cryogenic sleep. She gets a real awakening.

“Not Fade Away” (1982) – The story of the last warrior.

Favorite essays:

“Mentors” – Robinson salutes Robert A.Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon and Ben Bova.

“Teddy The Fish” – Salute to Theodore Sturgeon in the style of Lord Buckley. Those not familiar with the comedian may not get it.

“Plus Ca Change” – Some funny predictions of the future.

“Seduction Of The Ignorant” – Robinson’s commentary on illiteracy and ways to try and combat it.



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