Randall And Hopkirk Deceased (1969-71)

randall and hopkirk deceased

Private eye show with the gimmick that one of the partners is dead. Mike Pratt is Jeff Randall and Kenneth Cope is Marty Hopkirk. He’s the dead one. Annette Andre is Marty’s widow Jeannie. Not bad but the gimmick does wear after a while.

Opening episode:September 21,1969 – “My Late Lamented Friend And Partner” – Jeff delivers photographic evidence to the wealthy Fay Sorrensen showing her husband fooling around. She has a bad heart and has to stay in bed most of the time. She confronts her husband John and says she’s having him kicked out of the company and filing for divorce. He arranges for a hit man. It’s made to look like an accidental electrical accident while she’s in the bathtub.

Marty makes his suspicions known and is killed by a hit and run driver. A hitchhiker sees the whole thing and jumps in the car. He ends up blackmailing the driver. The police call it an accident. Marty is buried.

One night Jeff starts to get phone calls from Marty. He thinks it’s a prankster and records the call. Marty’s voice isn’t on the tape. Jeff was asked to come to the cemetery. He refuses. The window opens and a strong wind comes in. In a trance Jeff goes to the graveyard. There’s Marty. He tells Jeff his death was no accident. As with almost all shows like this, Jeff is the only one who can see and hear Marty.

Jeff’s investigation leads him to the hitchhiker’s cheap hotel room. Marty finally believes he can go through walls and finds the room the man is staying in. He tells Jeff the whole story. The next stop is the driver’s apartment. They smell gas. Marty walks through the door and tells Jeff what’s going on. Jeff breaks the door down. They find a suicide note.

Marty says the only way they’ll get Sorrensen is to set Jeff up as bait. They go to see Sorrensen and Jeff says he wants 25-thousand pounds to keep his mouth shut. Sorrensen makes another phone call.

To set up the rest of the series Marty stays out of his grave after sunup. That means he can’t go back for a hundred years. He’ll just have to stay with Jeff.

The series was briefly revised with a different cast in 2000-2001.


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