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Land Of The Giants (1968-70)

Gary Conway is Captain Steve Burton and Don Marshall is his co-pilot Dan Erickson. They fly the Spindrift, a spaceship that does commercial flights. On a trip from New York to London they pass through a cloud and end up … Continue reading

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Meet Boston Blackie (1941)

There were nine silent films in the series. This is the first of the fourteen Chester Morris movies. The last was 1949’s “Boston Blackie’s Chinese Venture.” Series regulars were Richard Lane as Inspector Faraday and Frank Sully as Detective Sgt.Matthews. … Continue reading


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The Solaris Book Of New Science Fiction Volume Three-Edited by George Mann (2009)

Fifteen good stories all from 2009. Favorites: “Fixation” – Alastair Reynolds – A two thousand year old mechanical device is discovered underwater. It’s now in a museum and is being cleaned and put together by a scientist who likes to … Continue reading

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Hercules Against The Moon Men (1964)

Sword and Sandal meets SF with the expected results. Some decent laughs along the way. The Moon Men have landed. They’re inside Mt.Samara outside the village of Samara ruled by Queen Samara. That makes it easy. Every full moon the … Continue reading

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Outside The Law (1930)

Really bad movie directed by Tod Browning and starring Edward G.Robinson before “Little Caesar.” Cobra Collins (Edward G.Robinson) spots thief Fingers O’Dell doing a mechanical man act in the window of a bank. He knows he’s planning a robbery. Later … Continue reading

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Hanging By A Thread-Edited by Joan Kahn

A mixture of fact and fiction with thirty-six stories and articles mostly from 1932,35,42,47,49,50,57,61,63,65,66,67. This is Kahn’s usual good collection. Fiction favorites: “The Mysterious Occurrence In Lambeth” – G.P.R.James – An old woman is found murdered in her house which … Continue reading

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City At Night (1949-1950)

Awkward magazine show broadcast on KTLA in Los Angeles and hosted by Keith Heatherington and Dorothy Gardiner. The October 11,1949 episode is of special interest to SF fans. The entire show takes place on the set of the upcoming movie … Continue reading

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Red Planet Mars (1952)

Religious anti war, anti communist movie based on a 1932 play. It’s a total bore that stars Peter Graves and features a horrible over acting performance by Andrea King. Character actor Willis Bouchey plays the President of the United States. … Continue reading

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Inconstant Moon-Larry Niven (Short Stories)

Seven stories from 1965,66,69,71. Favorites: “Inconstant Moon” (1971) – Great story about the last day on Earth as the Sun has gone nova. “Bordered In Black” (1968) – Carver Rappaport and William “Wall” Kameon take a ten billion dollar FTL … Continue reading

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I Play As I Please-Humphrey Lyttelton (1957)

Three different Lyttelton bands on display in these thirteen tracks. He was an innovator and the music collected here shows why. He broke the rules and proved why he was one of England’s most famous band leaders. The album title … Continue reading

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