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The Reckoning (1932)

Minor crime movie worth seeing due to the performance of Edmund Breese as a sleazy crook named Doc. Another plus is Sally Blane as a woman who keeps trying to make her boyfriend Terry go straight. Terry (James Murray) is … Continue reading

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The Chinese Detective (1981-82)

David Yip is Sgt.John Ho. Of course he’s a maverick or else there wouldn’t be a series. The British have a knack for making excellent cop shows. This is no exception. There’s also a nice soundtrack by Harry South. Opening … Continue reading

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It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

Good SF suspense movie about a monster loose on a spaceship headed back to Earth from Mars. The screenplay is by SF writer Jerome Bixby. In January 1973 man has landed on Mars. It doesn’t go well. Colonel Ed Carruthers … Continue reading

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Copernick’s Rebellion-Leo A.Frankowski (1987)

Free food. It’s the end of civilization. The cover makes it look like a comic novel but there’s a lot of death and destruction to keep it from that category. There is humor but for the most part … Continue reading

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The Talk Of Hollywood (1929)

A movie producer lost his money on silents now that talkies are in. He decides to make one, This is a comedy with some musical numbers. Some of the jokes will offend the PC police but so what. J.Pierpont Ginsburg … Continue reading

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The Perfect Big Band-Jimmie Lunceford

Twenty-four tracks offering seventy minutes of one of the era’s greatest Big Bands. Collectors have all of this but if you’re new to Lunceford this will make you a fan. Highlights include: “Rhythm Is Out Business (Theme)”, “For Dancers’s Only”, … Continue reading


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The Crimson Kimono (1959)

Written, Directed and Produced by Sam Fuller this starts as a crime movie about the murder of a stripper and gets bogged down in a story about a love triangle and bigotry. Stripper Sugar Torch heads back to her dressing … Continue reading

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The New Black Mask No.3-Edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli & Richard Layman

There are eight editions in this series. This edition has six stories from 1980,85). There’s also a short interview with Donald E. Westlake and an excerpt from his novel, “Good Behavior.” Also included is an excerpt from Jim Thompson’s “Ripoff.” … Continue reading

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Branded (1965-66)

Jason McCord was kicked out of the army following a court martial accusing him of cowardice. He was the only survivor of the Battle of Bitter Creek. He covered up for the commander actually responsible for the massacre. Now he … Continue reading

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Violent Saturday (1955)

Huge disappointment about a bank robbery in a small town that sinks in soap suds A lot of familiar faces including Ernest Borgnine as an Amish farmer. Harper (Stephen McNally) returns to the town of Bradenville. The hotel manager thinks … Continue reading

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