The Green Hills Of Earth-Robert A.Heinlein (Short Stories)

robert a heinlein-the green hills of earth

Ten stories from 1941,47,48,49.  They’re all a part of his “Future History” stories. Favorites:

“Delilah And The Space-Rigger” (1949) – What happens when a woman joins the construction crew on the space station. The story isn’t that great but it’s fun reading it now when we know all about the realities of a space station.

“The Long Watch” (1949) – Lt.Johnny Dahlquist is the senior bomb officer on the Moon. His commanding officer is leading a group that wants to take over the Earth. He wants to use some of the atom bombs stored on the Moon to bomb a town on Earth so there’ll be a quick surrender. Johnny has a different idea.

“Gentlemen,Be Seated” (1948) – A reporter looking for a story on the Moon gets more than he bargained for when he gets caught in a moonquake.

“It’s Great To Be Back.” (1947) – Allan and his wife Jo can’t wait to get from the Moon back to Earth. He wants to finish writing a book and she wants to take in everything New York City has to offer. The city isn’t all they thought it would be and the Connecticut countryside isn’t much better.

“Logic Of Empire” (1941 novelette) – Humphrey Wingate and his friend really tie one on. The next day they find themselves on a rocket to Venus where people are indentured servants to rich land owners and business people. Wingate is a lawyer and does what he can to prove he was taken advantage of while drunk. That doesn’t work and he ends up on a farm. The story has a great cynical and realistic ending.




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