87th Precinct (1961-62)

Robert Lansing-Norman Fell-Gregory Walcott-Ron Harper

Robert Lansing-Norman Fell-Gregory Walcott-Ron Harper

Cop series based on the highly successful Ed McBain series. In all there were fifty-five novels starting with “Cop Hater” (1956) and ending with “Fiddlers” (2005). The books called the location Isola but everyone knew it was Manhattan.

Robert Lansing was Det. Steve Carella, his deaf wife Teddy was Gena Rowlands. Ron Harper was Det.Bert Kling and Norman Fell was Det. Meyer Meyer. Gregory Walcott was Det.Roger Havilland.

Opening Episode:September 25,1961 – “The Floater” w/Robert Culp – The body of a young women has been pulled from the river. The cause of death was arsenic poisoning. Steve and Meyer find out her identity. A tattoo of a heart with the initials MAC is on her hand. When her father finally realizes it’s his daughter he breaks down.

Steve goes into a funk and it takes Teddy to bring him out of it. He makes fun of her for reading Pen Pal magazine. He doesn’t notice an ad that could be the lead he’s looking for. Curt Donaldson (Robert Culp) placed the ad and he’s already with his next victim, Priscilla.

Steve and Teddy go into a tattoo parlor. No luck but Teddy is tempted to get a tattoo. Meanwhile Kling finds the right parlor. On her own Teddy heads back to the parlor she and Steve visited. She wants a butterfly on her back by her shoulder.

In walk Curt and Priscilla. He wants to get her a tattoo on her hand. Teddy lets the owner know that’s who her husband is looking for. The shop owner tries to stall Curt so he can make a call to Steve. An impatient Curt hangs the phone up. Priscilla says she feels sick and they leave. Teddy is right behind them and jumps in a cab. She signs the driver to follow them.

When they stop she gets out and follows on foot. The cab driver is concerned because it’s a tough neighborhood.   He gets to a phone booth to call the 87th. The phone is out of order. Teddy is on her own. Good episode thanks to a creepy performance by Culp.

A good series that some say fell victim to network politics since the ratings were good and there wasn’t a logical reason for the cancellation after only one season..

Robert Lansing starred as General Frank Savage in “12 O’Clock High” (1964-67) and as Control in “The Equalizer”(1985-89).  Ron Harper played Uncle Jack in the SF series “Land Of The Lost” in 1976. and as Lt. Craig Garrison in “Garrison’s Gorillas (1967-68). Gregory Walcott appeared in many TV shows. Norman Fell was Mr. Roper in “Three’s Company” (1976-81) and “The Ropers” (1979-80).


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