Crossroads (1942)

crossroads 1942

Interesting crime movie where William Powell digs out his French accent and Hedy Lamarr digs hers out as they play a married couple in Paris. He works in the Foreign Office handling the cash. He’s in line to be the French Ambassador to Brazil.

On the night of his birthday David Talbot (William Powell) gets a letter demanding a million francs to settle an old debt. It’s addressed to John Pelletier. He supposed to toss the money over a wall.He does. A man named DeLuc picks up the package. It’s just paper. The cops nab him.

At DeLuc’s trial for extortion it comes out that David has had amnesia since 1922. Dr.Tessier (Felix Bressart) says he found David injured in a train wreck. Tessier is a brain specialist. Psychiatrist Dr.Alex Dubroc (Sig Ruman) challenges Tessier’s theories of amnesia. A nightclub singer, Michelle Allaine, identifies David as her boyfriend at the time, Pelletier.

Now comes wine salesman Henri Sarrou (Basil Rathbone). He brings proof that Pelletier died in a hospital in 1922. DeLuc is found guilty. At a party at the Talbot’s, Sarrou shows up he whispers to David that he’s a double crossing swine. They meet in another room. He tells David that they took part in a robbery where a bank messenger was killed and that David was the gunman. He wants his share of the two million pound take. DeLuc was also involved.

Later David visits the club where Michelle is appearing. She shows him a locket with their picture. The next day she visits the Talbot’s  to say she’s sorry about her mistake at the trial and hands David’s wife (Hedy Lamarr) the locket. She doesn’t open it but the message to David is clear. Later David goes to visit a woman Michelle says is Pelletier’s mother. She tells him her son is dead. Anything further would be a spoiler.

This is a pretty good one where avid mystery fans will see the solution coming but it doesn’t take away from it. Basil Rathbone makes a good villain. This is probably the only movie where Hedy Lamarr utters that immortal line, “Follow that cab!”


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