Bodyguard (1948)

bodyguard 1948

Good one with Lawrence Tierney as a hot tempered cop tossed off the force and framed for his Lieutenant’s murder. Priscilla Lane is his girlfriend Doris.

Homicide Detective Mike Crater (Lawrence Tierney) jumps the gun and breaks into a nightclub after a crook. He didn’t have a search warrant. He ruined a raid that would be happening soon. His boss, Lt.Borden  never liked him and tells him he’s suspended. Mike loses it and slugs him. Now he’s off the force for good.

Freddie Dyson is the nephew of a rich woman who owns a meat packing plant. He keeps trying to hire Mike to be her bodyguard. He even slips an envelope with two grand under Mike’s girlfriend Doris’ (Priscilla Lane) door. Mike goes to the Dyson mansion to return it.

Freddie’s Aunt Jean (Elisabeth Risdon) says she doesn’t need a bodyguard. As Mike is leaving shots ring out. Someone fired through a window at Jean. Mike finally excepts the job and Freddie tells him to stay overnight.

After four am Mike sees Jean get into a car and take off. He follows her. While looking around he’s slugged. When he comes to he’s in his car. Next to him is Bowman…dead. Then he realizes the car is on a railroad track. A train is barreling towards him and he jumps out. He’s framed for the murder.

Doris works in the police station and Mike enlists her help. He wants to know the cases Bowman had been working on. One was the death of an inspector at the Dyson plant. He walked into a saw and was killed. The death was ruled an accident. The investigation says the inspector was nearsighted and was afraid to tell his boss because he’d be forced to retire.

While eluding the cops, Mike investigates. He finds out the inspector’s hobby was carving ship models and putting them in bottles. That doesn’t add up as someone with bad eyesight. Good action and suspense to the close. This is well worth searching out.

Interesting to note that this was Priscilla Lane’s last movie before she retired at only thirty-three.

Character actor Steve Brodie plays plant foreman Fenton.



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