Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand-Brian Aldiss (Short Stories)

brian aldiss-galaxies like grains of sand

Eight stories from 1957,58,60. All are interrelated in a forty million year history of Mankind. Favorites:

“The War Millennia”(Out Of Reach) (1957) – A man watching over people in a dreamerie goes into the mind of a returning spacer. He was married to a Solite. They’re aliens who love all things Earth and take plants, animals etc. back home with them. No one knows where their home planet is located and they’re not telling. War breaks out on Earth and the Solites leave for good.

“The Robot Millennia” (Who Can Replace A Man?) (1958) – Not too many people left and almost everything is run by robots with different brain classifications. The story follows a group of farm equipment robots as they come across other robots and the few surviving people.

“The Star Millennia” (Incentive) (1958) – Humans are all over the galaxy and have evolved a new language. They want to add Earth to the empire and change its name to Yinnisfar. There are so many planets named Earth they don’t know which is the real original home. Farro Westerby of the Isolationist Party confronts the Galactic Minister trying to convince him that it’s a bad idea.

“The Ultimate Millennia” (Visiting Amoeba) (1957) – a humanoid from an unnamed planet outside the galaxy convinces two warring factions to halt their civil war and accompany him to Yinnisfar where fortunes await. All of the galaxy except their planet is at peace and he thinks Yinnisfar will be easy pickings. On the way they encounter a huge fleet and the space battle is on. This story wraps up the history as mankind as we know it is all over.


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2 Responses to Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand-Brian Aldiss (Short Stories)

  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    I was really unimpressed with this particular Aldiss collection — I’m also somewhat confused by your titles. Each story is placed in a different millennia but that is not the original published name of the story — for example, The Robot Millennia is a variant of his famous ‘Who Can Replace A Man?’ (1958). The only story which blew me away was The Megalopolis Millennia — ‘Secret of A Mighty City’ (1958).

    I do like the idea of framing previously published material!

  2. vintage45 says:

    Thanks. I knew I forgot something. The original titles have been added. The Megalopolis Millennia reminded me too much of the endless satires on Hollywood and how they use “poetic license” so the facts never get in the way of a good story.

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