The Hidden Room (Obsession) (1949)

the hidden room 1949

A must see gem with a great performance from Robert “Long John Silver” Newton. He plays a psychiatrist who has had it with his wife’s affairs and has a master plan for the latest boyfriend.

Dr.Clive Riordan (Robert Newton) comes home a couple weeks early. His wife Storm (Sally Gray) isn’t home. He hears a car pull up and he hides behind a curtain. He’s got a gun. In walks Storm with her American boyfriend Bill Kronin (Phil Brown). They lie about where they were and Clive destroys their story. Storm has had a lot of affairs. Clive has had it. He takes Bill out at gunpoint.

Weeks go by and everyone thinks Bill has disappeared into thin air. Even the papers run the story. In his lab behind his office Clive is putting his master plan into effect. He’s keeping Bill in a room near his garage. He’s got a chain on Bill’s foot that’s attached to the wall. Clive is up to something in a room Bill can’t see.

Four months go by. Storm lies about a letter she got from Bill. Clive calls her bluff. One day Storm is coming home with their dog Monte. He slips his collar and follows Clive. Clive grabs him before Storm can see where he’s gone. That gives him a chance to tell Bill what’s going to happen. He’s made a special solution that will completely destroy a body. In the hidden room is a bathtub that he keeps filling up with the liquid.

He decides to test it out on Monte. Bill throws a thermos at him and knocks him out for a few seconds. Clive goes home and plays with his elaborate train set. He gets a visit from Scotland Yard Superintendent Finsbury. Their cat and mouse game begins. Later Clive goes back to where he’s keeping Bill. Monte’s still alive and Bill is training him for something.

This is one that shouldn’t be missed.


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