Matter’s End-Gregory Benford (Short Stories)

gregory benford-matter's end

Twenty-one stories from 1965,70,77,79,81,85,86,88-92,94. Favorites:

“Freezeframe” (1986) – A yuppie couple want to have a child but are not content to wait. The visit a company that can speed up the birth process. That’s not all they offer.

“Centigrade 233” (1990) – 233 centigrade is fahrenheit 451. The story is a riff on the Ray Bradbury classic. In a future time SF pulps as well as SF are meaningless.

“Proselytes” (1988) – Fundamentalists arrive from outer space. They’re treated like comedy relief. The story has a sardonic ending with a great last line.

“Touches” (1991) – A man is playing a video game called Late Marxist. It involves living and surviving in a Marxist state. He is the Socialist Man that’s in for a surprise.

“Dark Sanctuary” (1979) – A space miner exploring the asteroid belt has to make sure he doesn’t interfere with other miners claims or else. Then a ship fires on him. This is good space adventure.

“Stand-In” (1965) – Benford’s first story is a fantasy with a punchline ending.

“We Could Do Worse” (1988) – Alternate history involving Senator Joe McCarthy and the election.

“Immortal Night” (1985) – a wealthy man spends millions to get cured of cancer. His new life doesn’t sit well with everyone.

“The Bigger One” (1994) – an 8.1 quake hits Southern California. The story is in the form of a radio script. The ending is cynical but there’s no problem in believing it.



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