Violent Saturday (1955)

violent saturday 1955

Huge disappointment about a bank robbery in a small town that sinks in soap suds A lot of familiar faces including Ernest Borgnine as an Amish farmer.

Harper (Stephen McNally) returns to the town of Bradenville. The hotel manager thinks her’s a costume jewelry salesman. Harper tells him two rookie salesmen are on their way. Harper actually plans to rob the bank. His cohorts are Dill (Lee Marvin) and Chappie (J.Carrol Naish).

The movie goes into the lives of some of the townspeople. Shelley Martin (Victor Mature) helps run the copper mine operation outside town. His son got into a fight with his best friend. His friend’s father won a medal at Iwo Jima while Shelley stayed around to run the mining operation. The boy is upset that his father wasn’t a hero. The boy’s name is Steve which makes his character’s name Steve Martin.

Another mining executive, Boyd Fairchild (Richard Egan), is an alcoholic. His wife Emily (Margaret Hayes) is a tramp and runs around with country club member Gil Clayton (Brad Dexter).

New in town is Linda Sherman. She’s a nurse. Obsessed with her is bank manager Harry Reeves (Tommy Noonan). He’s constantly distracted by her and even walks his dog at night so he can stare at her through her window.

One night Boyd is drunk and Linda walks into the bar. The two of them dance and Dill and Chappie look on. Also watching is Harry from his bar stool. Boyd is making all kinds of moves and Linda ends up taking him home. He’s passed out on the couch when Emily finally returns after a night out. She and Linda have a minor confrontation. When Boyd wakes up he and Emily have a heart to heart and decide to go on a trip together to try and patch things up.

There’s also a minor storyline about a librarian (Sylvia Sidney) who owes money and gets threatening letters from the bank. She’s also a thief.

Now the big plan. Harper says they’ll hide out at the Amish farm where Stadt (Ernest Borgnine) and his family live. In town Harper pulls a gun on Shelley. He has him drive down the street and pick up Dill and Chappie. They head out to the farm where their pal Slick is standing by with a truck. They lock Shelley and the family in the barn while Slick stands guard.

In the bank is Emily getting traveler’s checks for their trip. Harry comes back a little late after lusting after Linda again. The librarian comes in and tells Harry what she thinks of him. Now Harper and his gang show up and the movie lives up to its title as things don’t go exactly right. When they get to the farm it’s also not going according to plan.

The robbery scenario is over way too fast and the soap elements, especially between Boyd, Emily and Linda are totally useless in a movie that’s supposed to have a bank robbery as its centerpiece. If there’s anything good about it it’s Lee Marvin as the psycho robber.


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