Branded (1965-66)

Chuck Connors as Jason McCord

Chuck Connors as Jason McCord

Jason McCord was kicked out of the army following a court martial accusing him of cowardice. He was the only survivor of the Battle of Bitter Creek. He covered up for the commander actually responsible for the massacre. Now he wanders around trying to restore his good name.

Opening episode:January 24,1965 – “Survival” w/Alex Cord – Going through the desert to the next town McCord comes across a dead horse. Later he sees a man almost done for. He’s Jed Colbee (Alex Cord). He was on his way to town to join his wife and young daughter and then join a wagon train.

McCord nurses him along. Colbee starts thinking only one of them will make it. At night when he looks for firewood Colbee comes across a skull. As soon as McCord falls asleep, Colbee gets on the horse and threatens McCord at gunpoint. Then he tosses the gun back to him, apologizes and rides off.

A Navajo comes across McCord and takes care of him. He says he’ll accompany him to town so he can kill the man who left him to die. Meanwhile in town, Colbee leaves the horse at the stable and gives the man enough money to care for it for a few weeks. Shortly afterwards the stable man gives Colbee his money back saying the horse’s owner showed up. McCord, sensing trouble, straps on his gun.

Connors is excellent and this is well worth seeking out.

Among many of his TV roles, Alex Cord played Michael Coldsmith Briggs III on “Airwolf” (1984-86).

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