Copernick’s Rebellion-Leo A.Frankowski (1987)

leo a frankowski-copernick's rebellion

Free food. It’s the end of civilization. The cover makes it look like a comic novel but there’s a lot of death and destruction to keep it from that category. There is humor but for the most part it’s the economic downfall of the world. This was really good and well worth seeking out.

Heinrich Copernick and his nephew Martin came to the U.S. from Germany during World War Two. Heinrich is a bioengineer and the two made a bundle on medical instruments. That was 1999, the start of it all. Heiny engineered tree houses that could grow furniture and food..everything for free. By 2003 it all comes apart.

Trouble starts when some trees eat their human occupants. They forgot that the tree had to be fertilized by using a section as a toilet. Heiny starts making genetic creatures like LDU’s. That stands for Labor and Defense Unit. He also makes gentle Fauns. They’re half girl,half goat and are babysitters and educators. There are also intelligent forms of transportation.

Real estate agents, economists etc. aren’t happy. One agent goes on a talk show at NBC hosted by Patty Cambridge. He agrees to live in a tree house for six months. Of course he says it’s a horrible experience but has some property for sale. Patty is eventually assigned to find Heiny. He’s in Death Valley, now called Life Valley as it’s full of tree houses.

Patty finds him and a Faun named Liebchen meaning no harm puts a spell over her with a drink and she falls for Heiny. She no longer sees him as five feet and three hundred pounds. One of his biggest foes is Major General George Hastings. His family was killed by the trees. He’s out for vengeance. He orders a plane to drop an atom bomb on Life Valley.

Heiny has a few tricks up his sleeve and releases a new weapon the size of a mosquito. Now the world really starts to crumble.

This is an excellent read and the genetic inventions are not that far off. The book has been brought out of obscurity and published in a new edition.


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