The Chinese Detective (1981-82)

the chinese detective

David Yip is Sgt.John Ho. Of course he’s a maverick or else there wouldn’t be a series. The British have a knack for making excellent cop shows. This is no exception. There’s also a nice soundtrack by Harry South.

Opening episode:April 30,1981 – “Release” – Jack Arthur Bross gets out of jail after five years. He planned an armored car job with three others. They went ahead a week early and framed him for another robbery. Now he’s out for revenge.

He goes to a poker game one of his old pals is in. He goes to shake hands with him and tosses him out the window. Ho knows it wasn’t an accident. He confronts him but gets nowhere. His superiors are angry with him and wish he would quit the force.

Bross gets a place to stay thanks to his sister. His next move is to hold the father of another gang member hostage. He calls on the man’s son,last name Rose. He tells him he wants him to get their old partner Kamal and repeat the robbery. He gives him the plan all drawn out. He says he and Kamal can pull it off. Bross wants twenty grand which would have been his original share. When they do the job he’ll release Rose’s father.

Meanwhile Ho wants to bring down retired Inspector Marley-Harris. He was responsible for framing his father on a drug charge. Ho’s father spent six years in jail. His father says he’s only doing it because he feels guilty that he doubted his father’s innocence for a while. He refuses to help him. Ho’s partner won’t stand in his way but he also won’t help him.

Ho braces Bross on the street and asks his help. Bross sends a complaint into the police and Ho is in trouble again. Later Bross contacts Ho and tells him he knows of a armored car  robbery going down. He’ll guide him to it so he can make the bust. That leads to a well staged scene.

Ho has Bross locked up. The charges probably won’t stick. The episode ends with the storylines hanging. It just adds reality to the show. It’s photographed really well and it’s too bad there were only fourteen episodes.

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