The Reckoning (1932)

Edmund Breese as Doc (1932)

Edmund Breese as Doc

Minor crime movie worth seeing due to the performance of Edmund Breese as a sleazy crook named Doc. Another plus is Sally Blane as a woman who keeps trying to make her boyfriend Terry go straight.

Terry (James Murray) is trying to convince his girlfriend Terry (Sally Blane) to be a lookout for him while he robs a safe. The two are tied in with a jewel thief named Doc. On the last job their friend Bob was caught and sent up the river. He finally talks her into it. The job goes wrong as Terry trips an alarm. They get away and make it back to Doc’s to report failure. Judy has had it and says she’s leaving unless Terry goes straight.

She agrees for both of them to move out. They go to Bob’s place. His parole is up in thirty days. Dropping in is hard nosed police detective Ellis. He warns Bob and his wife about who they’re seen with could affect his parole. Terry and Judy move back to Doc’s.

Terry tells Judy he’ll quit after one more job. She’s not happy. Doc says okay. They’re quitting. He uses his connections to get her a job as governess for the rich J.Henderson’s six year old son Buddy. He just got back from Europe. He has his ex wife’s jewelry.

Ellis drops by and Henderson shows him the safe and feels that’s just as good as a safe deposit box. He pretends not to recognize Judy. She leaves and Ellis cooks up a plan with Henderson. Later that night Terry finds out why Doc got Judy the job.

The next night Henderson will be in town leaving Judy and Buddy alone. She calls Terry to tell him she can’t meet him. She doesn’t know Ellis is listening in and hiding in the house. Doc gets Terry worked up by making him suspicious about Judy staying the night at Henderson’s.

The movie comes to an unrealistic, unexpected ending but it’s probably how audiences wanted it to turn out. Still it’s not one to avoid thanks to the actors.

Sally Blane as Judy

Sally Blane as Judy


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