Casey Jones (1957-58)

casey jones

Syndicated series with Alan “Skipper” Hale as the legendary train engineer. Dub Taylor is his fireman Wallie Sims. Mary Lawrence is Casey’s wife Alice and Bobby Clarke is Casey Jones, Jr. Not to be forgotten is Cinders the dog who portrays himself. If you like trains you’ll like this.

Opening episode: October 8,1957 – “Night Mail” – Casey is in a hurry to get to St.Louis to see his boss. Alice and Casey,Jr. flag the Cannonball Express down. Casey promised to take Jr. for a ride up front as a birthday present.

In St.Louis, Casey talks with the head of the Midwest & Central Railroad. The rival Southern & Panhandle Railroad is plotting to buy the Midwest & Central. The government has a lucrative contract to carry the mail between St.Louis and Fort Worth. Midwest has got to have it to stay in business. There will be a race between the Cannonball Express and the S & P’s Swamp Tiger to decide who gets the business.

Mike Nelson of the S & P offers Casey a bribe to throw the race. Casey throws him instead. Sensing danger ahead he tells Jr. he has to break his promise. When Casey’s back is turned Cinders isn’t putting up with that and runs onto the train and Jr.follows.

Nelson has a couple guys sabotage the train. And they’re off! Casey gets a five mile lead. Nelson has arranged for a blockade of wood on the tracks. For insurance he has three gunman shooting at the train and Casey. It’ll take more than that to stop a legend. Before you know it….another dastardly plot to stop the Cannonball Express. That doesn’t work either.

Casey has a risky plan. He doesn’t know about the earlier sabotage of the train. He does when a fire breaks out. Indian Sam Peachpit (Pat Hogan) could save the day. Then again, maybe not. Looks like it’s up to Jr.

Mary Lawrence played Ruthie Helm, the wife of Bob Cummings’ best friend Harvey on “The Bob Cummings Show” (1955-58).


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