Young Dynamite (1937)

young dynamite 1937

Despite his razzing, Freddie Shields (Frankie Darro) is proud of his brother Johnny who just became a state trooper. Their sister’s fiancee Tom Marlin (Kane Richmond) is also a trooper. The Shields run a boarding house. Their only tenant is the wheelchair bound and cranky Mr.Endenberry. He likes to argue with Italian Tony who sells sewing needles and other similar products.

They’re all having breakfast and talking about the gold racket. In another part of town Butch and Spike are getting forty thousand dollars in stolen gold from a businessman for their boss Flash Slavin. He owns the Acme Smelting Company. The cops are suspicious of him but can’t get anything on him. After they make the money for gold exchange Butch kills the man and they take off. A watchman chases them and gets shot. Before he passes out he tells the man’s servants the license number of the getaway car. Tom and everyone hear the call over the radio as they’re listening to police calls.

Before they leave Freddie jumps in his car and plays trooper. He spots Butch and Spike’s license plate and follows them. They get a flat and pull into a gas station to get it fixed. Freddie speeds by and gets to a phone and reports their location. On the station’s radio Butch and Spike hear the call saying where they are. Butch knocks the attendant out and they take off. Freddie follows again. This time they run him off the road.

Butch and Spike hijack a truck. Freddie just happens to be getting a ride in the back. He’s forces to hide under a tarp. Freddie pulls a trick on Butch and escapes with the gold.  Johnny stops the truck. Spike kills Johnny and takes off in his car and Butch runs off. Tom finds Johnny’s body and has to break the news to Freddie.

Tom is assigned the case and told not to interfere with the Secret Service investigation into Slavin and his boss. It’s not too long before Slavin uses his influence and Tom is ordered off the case. He decides to quit the force and bring Slavin and his boss down himself. Freddie gets an idea.

This is a fast mover for action fans. The ending may be obvious but it really doesn’t matter. It does have a funny last minute with a good last line.


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