The Unknown Terror (1957)

the unknown terror 1957

This is why movies about fungus don’t draw big crowds. The Cave of Death can be a nasty place. This is a total time waster.

Gina Matthews (Mala Powers) brother Jimmy is missing. He was exploring what’s known to the local Indians as the Cave of Death. They have an altar in there where human sacrifices were performed.

Her husband Dan (John Howard) wants to lead an expedition to find him and the cave. He brings in a calypso singer to perform a song that gives clues to its whereabouts. (This is just an excuse to get singer Sir Lancelot on camera).

Dan takes Gina along with Pete Morgan (Paul Richards) to check it out. Pete has a bum leg from when he rescued Dan in a previous cave exploration. The natives aren’t too friendly. They go to the home of Dr.Ramsey who is working with fungus. He says the natives don’t perform sacrifices any more since he cured their smallpox. Now they think he’s bigger than death.

Ramsey says before any native can be killed he sends them away. He thought Concha (May Wynn) was a keeper so he married her. Pete digs her too. Concha takes Dan and Mike to where they can hear mysterious voices. Gina stays behind.

While they wait an Indian tries to get into Ramsey’s house after Gina. She runs outside and they follow her. Of course she eventually faints. Dan and Pete find her and take her back.  Ramsey’s servant Lino says he’ll take Dan and Pete to the cave.

It’s a dark and stormy night and Dan and Pete enter the cave. Dan enters a tunnel they found two hundred feet down. Inside he sees Indians all covered with fungus. Now it starts to flood. Pete gets out and goes back to Ramsey’s for some diving gear. Gina returns with him.

Warning….do not watch the rest of this is you’re afraid of soap suds.

Paul Richards played psychiatrist Dr.McKinley Thompson in the TV series “Breaking Point” (1963-64).

May Wynn-Mala Powers

May Wynn-Mala Powers



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