Isaac Asimov’s Moons-Edited by Gardner Dozois and Shelia Williams

gardner dozois-sheila williams(editors)-isaac asimov's moons

Seven stories revolving around the Moon from 1988,89,91,93,94,95. Favorites:

“The Shadow Knows” (1993) – Terry Bisson – The Voyager has returned with a passenger. It’s a small black object that lives in a bowl. They don’t know whether to call it and ET or AO for Alien Object. It crawls up on an arm and the person writes Old Man. That leads Captain J.B. “Here’s Johnny” Carson to get retired Captain Bowley. They go to the Moon and Bowley finds out that rather than crawl on his arm to communicate, the ET or AO has to crawl up somewhere else.

“A Walk In The Sun” (1991) – Geoffrey A. Landis – Trish Mulligan crashes on the Moon. She’s the only survivor. She’s told a rescue mission won’t get there for thirty days. Trish decides to spend the time walking the circumference of the Moon.

“John Harper Wilson” (1989) – Allen M. Steele – Alternate history story about the first Moon landing in July 1969. Forget Neil Armstrong. The first person to step on the lunar surface was John Harper Wilson. He’s currently living in obscurity in a log cabin in New Hampshire. He led the mission known as Eagle One. There was a four and a half minute gap in communications from the Moon to the Earth. Now he breaks his silence about what occurred. All this happened back in the day when a popular TV show was “Star Trek.” It was all about Captain Jim Kirk and his wise cracking sidekick Arnold Spock.

Other authors: Robert Reed, Kim Stanley Robinson, Tony Daniel and R.Garcia Y Robertson.


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2 Responses to Isaac Asimov’s Moons-Edited by Gardner Dozois and Shelia Williams

  1. Joseph Nebus says:

    “A Walk In The Sun” really impressed me when it first appeared in I think Analog; it’s just this grand tour-of-amazing-sights of the kind science fiction says it does but doesn’t really like doing very much.

  2. vintage45 says:

    This kind of story is tough to write and maintain interest. Landis pulls it off. It first appeared in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine October 1991.

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