Flirting With Danger (1934)

flirting with danger 1934

Surprised that a good cast like this didn’t walk off the set when they realized, or at least should have realized, just how terrible this alleged comedy would turn out. This is one of the worst ever.

Bob Owens (Robert Armstrong), Jimmie Pearson (Edgar Kennedy) and Lucky Davis (William Cagney) are mixers in a dynamite and gunpowder plant. They all room together. Jimmie used to live in the Philippines and left a wife behind. He keeps trying to mix a high explosive formula but it never turns out right.

Early one morning at the plant Jimmie mixes his formula and causes an explosion destroying some equipment. The boss takes it well but still decides to transfer the trio to the South American country of San Rico. Before they go Lucky has a romance with plant bookkeeper Marian. Bob and Jimmie warn him against marriage. He won’t listen. They send a phony letter to Marion supposedly from Lucky. It says he has a wife in Ohio. He doesn’t know why but he gets a letter from Marion saying she has a husband in Ohio.

The trio is now in San Rico. So is Marion since the boss wants her to keep an eye on things and check the account books. Jimmie speaks Spanish and as a joke teaches Bob a phrase he thinks will tell any girl that he loves her but doesn’t believe in marriage. He doesn’t know it but Jimmie actually taught him to say he’ll marry her. One night in a club Bob goes crazy over a dancer named Rosita. He keeps repeating the phrase. He’s in trouble now.

Later on they go back to the club and get roaring drunk. The next day they’re alone in the plant. No one told them everyone had the day off because of San Rico’s Independence Day. Outside they hear fireworks but mistake the noise as gunfire. They think a revolution has started and they make some bombs. Now the movie gets even worse.

Short and sweet. Avoid this one. It’s beyond awful.



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