The Threat (1949)

the threat 1949

Good B movie with Charles McGraw as a tough as nails crook who escapes from prison. He’s out to get the cop and the D.A. who put him there.

Arnold “Red” Kluger (Charles McGraw) busts out of Folsom Prison. Before he went in he threatened to kill D.A Barker MacDonald and Detective Ray Williams (Michael O’Shea). Inspector Murphy (Robert Shayne) calls Barker and Ray and warns them. Red gets his boys Nick and Lefty and they kidnap Ray and Barker. They also nab chorus girl Carol (Virginia Grey). She’s the girlfriend of Red’s partner in crime Tony. They’re using Ray’s car.

At their hideout Red and the boys listen in on police calls. Red is suspicious that Carol ratted on him. The cops found a box with bonds and jewelry in it but a hundred grand in cash is missing. Ray says a tip was phoned in from Mexico. Red calls a moving company and tricks a driver into coming out.

They load the van up with their hostages along with furniture and the car. Red says they’re going to the desert outside Palm Springs. He and Tony made an arrangement to meet just in case Red went to prison.

They almost get caught at a roadblock but make it through. They abandon the van and take off in the car while police search by land and air for the van. They reach the meeting place and stay inside a cabin.

The sun is getting hot and tempers are getting hotter. Barker and Ray are tied up in a back room. Like all good movie heroes they have their coats and ties on despite the heat. They use the police radio in Ray’s car and Red forces Ray to give a phony message to Murphy. Ray gives a code that he hopes his wife will understand.

This is a good time passer for fans of the one hour crime movie. Robert Shayne appeared in many movies and TV shows. He’s best known as Inspector Henderson in “The Adventures Of Superman” (1952-58).



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