Woman Unafraid (1934)

Lucille Gleason-Barbara Weeks

Lucille Gleason-Barbara Weeks

Lucille Gleason is an elderly policewoman who looks after girls on parole. She’s determined to put gangster Big Bill Lewis into the big house.

Augusta Winthrop (Lucille Gleason) monitors the girls in a ten cents a dance club. Blue nosed reformer Mrs.Worthington forms the Girls Protective League. She’s watching too and thinks Augusta is too liberal. Winthrop’s nephew Anthony (Skeets Gallagher) is a drunk and frequent patron of the club.

The troubled Peggy (Lona Andre) is on the verge of suicide. She wants to be left alone but a pimp bothers her and Augusta throws him out. He’s one of Big Bill Lewis’ (Jason Robards,Sr.) boys. Anthony takes care of her.  Mary Sloane (Barbara Weeks) comes to Augusta’s house with her baby. She’s hiding from Big Bill. She grabbed some of Bill’s cancelled checks and other incriminating evidence and stashed it in a safety deposit box. The girls at Augusta’s agree to watch the baby and Mary goes back home.

Big Bill sets up Mary on a phony robbery charge but she escapes and goes back to Augusta’s. Lewis has a plan and makes an anonymous call to Mrs.Winthrop and says there’s a wild party going on at Augusta’s. Augusta breaks it up but too late. The cops show up but Mary gets away. Not for long as she’s nabbed by Lewis and taken for a ride. Now there’s real trouble. Mary is murdered and Augusta loses her job and has to turn in her badge. That doesn’t mean Augusta doesn’t have a plan. Then again, so does Big Bill. He wants the stuff Mary stashed.

The movie goes down easy but is not a must see. Warren Hymer has a bit part as a sailor Augusta tries to help write a letter to his girlfriend. Dick Elliot plays Tom Brady, the owner of the dance club. Lona Andre got out of movies and made a good living selling real estate in North Hollywood.

Lona Andre

Lona Andre

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