Rosie (1977-81)


One of the earlier sitcoms written by the prolific Roy Clarke. This is not one of his best. Peter Greenwood stars as PC Michael Penrose nicknamed Rosie. He hates it. He lives in a building with his hypochondriac mother Millie who puts make up on by the bucketful and his Uncle Norman who is dominated by his wife Ida, Millie’s sister. He’s also dogged by childhood friend Gillian who wants to marry him and won’t leave him alone.

Opening episode: January 5,1977 – “Women Pressure” – Michael gets a call that his mother is very ill and he returns to his small hometown of Ravensbay.  There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s established that his life is dominated by women and he wishes he was more rugged.

In a bit that falls flat, real flat, he gets a visit at home from near sighted Merv, an informant who doesn’t tell him anything. The character is a lot like Eli from Clarke’s “Last Of The Summer Wine” except that Eli was funny. Time for Rosie to report for work.

Millie, Ida and Norman drive by where he’s in a car with his partner PC Wilmot. Millie doesn’t like it that he has a job where his mother can’t visit him. Rosie and Wilmot get a call to head for trouble at a boozer. When they get there people are being tossed out the door. Inside they find a man getting drunk because his wife left him. The episode ends as Michael, Wilmot and the drunk all sing “People.”

Dull start to a dull series.


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  1. I’ve never heard of this show before. I’ll check it out!

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