The Wild,Wild West (1965-69)

the wild,wild west

One of my favorite TV shows. Robert Conrad is James T. West and Ross Martin is Artemus Gordon. They’re government agents who travel the west in their train car hunting down the bad guys. The show is part comedy, spy drama, adventure and even some SF. One of the 60’s best.

Opening episode: September 17,1965 – “The Night Of The Inferno” w/Suzanne Pleshette, Victor Buono, James Gregory and Nehemiah Persoff – Jim is recalled to Washington by President Grant (James Gregory). Juan Manolo has been staging raids in the Southwestern Territories. He’s currently in the town of Quemanna where weapons are being delivered. Jim is assigned to bring him back to D.C. before he can start a revolution. If he won’t come peacefully Jim knows what to do.

Jim’s cover is as a gambler with his own train car. His partner Artemus Gordon shows up. Lots of gadgets including a billiard cue that turns into a sword and another which is a gun barrel. There’s also an exploding billiard ball. That’s just the beginning of what’s in there.

Jim reaches Quemanna and calls on Chinese merchant Wing Fat (Victor Buono). He wants him to take him to Juan Manolo. Instead he takes him to a gambling house run by Jim’s old friend Lydia (Suzanne Pleshette). Last time they met he recovered twenty-two thousand dollars she stole and returned it to where it belongs. She pulls a pistol and isn’t afraid to fire it.

Artie tells Jim wagons have been pulling into a cemetery and leaving a lot lighter from when they came in. They go into what looks like a mausoleum. The first thing they see is a open pit with rattlesnakes in it. Jim and Artie get by that and see footprints leading to a brick wall. They discover it’s a door that leads to an arsenal. Turns out it’s the cellar of Lydia’s gambling house.

Jim charges upstairs to Lydia’s room. In walks Manolo (Nehemiah Persoff). The bad guys now have Jim prisoner. As the episode continues it takes a number of turns that make for a great show.

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