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Postmark For Danger (1956)

Good one based on a novel by prolific mystery writer Francis Durbridge. Along with stand alones he wrote the successful Paul Temple series that was also a radio show. Artist Tim Forrester (Robert Beatty) is losing model Jill Stewart. She’s … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Keeper-Charles Sheffield (1982)

Not the typical hard SF book that Sheffield usually writes. This is an entertaining thriller with a SF premise. Like the cover blub says, it’s a fun read. Leo and Lionel are twins that were raised separately after their parents … Continue reading

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My Hero (1952-53)

Bob Cummings is a real estate man who keeps getting in trouble with his boss played by John Litel and is usually saved by his secretary played by Julie Bishop. Cummings was nominated for Best Actor Starring in a Regular … Continue reading

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Guilty Bystander (1950)

Just okay movie based on the character Max Thursday from the paperback original series by Wade Miller (Robert Wade and Bill Miller). It’s better to read the seven books in the series than watch the movie. Then again it is … Continue reading

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The Day After Tomorrow (Sixth Column)-Robert A.Heinlein (1949)

Heinlein novel that caused a lot more controversy years after was written rather that when it was published. PanAsians have taken over America, India and China. It’s up to six people to fight the new empire. Washington has been destroyed. … Continue reading

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Cyclone Fury (1951)

Charles Starrett made sixty-five movies as The Durango Kid. This is number fifty-seven. What makes this one of interest is that Clayton Moore plays a bad guy at the same time he was TV’s Lone Ranger. Not much storyline here … Continue reading

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Criminal Court (1946)

To call this poorly written would be a compliment. Zero credibility. There’s no way any of it can be taken seriously. It was directed by soon to be famous Robert Wise. Tom Conway is defense attorney Steve Barnes. He’s noted … Continue reading

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