Alias Mary Smith (1932)

alias mary smith 1932

Starts off going nowhere and keeps going until it gets there. The best thing I can say about it is that it’s not horrible but it’s not anything to watch when there are so many other halfway decent early movies around.

Mary Smith (Blanche Mehaffey) has her purse snatched. Running down the bad guy is Buddy Hayes (John Darrow). He’s the son of a rich Wall Street financier. He’s also a playboy. He accompanies her to the police station. Reporter Scoop (Raymond Hattan) is there with his photographer Oswald. Scoop has Mary and Buddy’s picture taken. He thinks anything Buddy’s involved in is news.

Buddy takes Mary out to dinner and gets too frisky and she demands to be taken home. Later that night the body of D.A. Marco Hahn is discovered in his home. Mary was there earlier and is suspect number one. Detective Dan Kearney traces her to a room she shares with the brassy Blossom (Gwen Lee), Turns out Mary is really Joanne Wentworth. Hahn sent her brother to the chair and she’s convinced of his innocence.

A threatening note from Joanne was found on Hahn’s desk from Mary. She says she wrote it to mobster Snowy Hoagland and half of it is missing. Her story is that she swiped a payment book from Snowy to give Hanh evidence enough to nail him. She says Snowy framed her brother.

Dan takes Joanne to the police station and leaves an officer behind to bring Blossom down as soon as she’s dressed. Buddy shows up and all three go to the station. Scoop’s there and he has Oswald take a picture of Buddy and Blossom.  Dan drops in on Snowy who gives him a drink. Out of habit he squeezes a lemon into their drinks. Not a smart move.

Buddy gets a lawyer for Joanne. There’s nothing like getting a girl sprung from jail to start a romance.  Buddy’s stuffy father is horrified that his son would hang out with a girl like Joanne when there’s a rich society girl all lined up to marry him.

The ending is rushed and in some parts pretty dumb. The very end is also unbelievable but that’s expected with a movie like this one. The “acting” leaves a lot to be desired. The one exception is Gwen Lee who is good as the brassy Blossom. All in all it very forgettable and nothing to take an hour out to watch it.

John Darrow quit the movies a few years later and became a very successful talent agent.



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