Inside Information (1934)

inside information 1934

If you like seeing a trained dog do its thing you may like this. If you don’t like seeing supposedly trained actors  try and go through the motions you probably won’t. Robert McKenzie and Victor Potel as comedy relief detectives are beyond awful. This is the first of three movies featuring wonder dog Tarzan.

Lloyd Wilson (Rex Lease) wants to know why the police commissioner wants to give his dog Tarzan a medal.  It all started when Lloyd picked up twenty thousand dollars in negotiable bonds from bank president Ernest Seaton (Henry Hall) to deliver to his surety company. In the office is Lloyd ‘s fiancee Anne, Ernest daughter. Also there is new depositor, real estate magnet Durand.

Anne is annoyed that Lloyd pays more attention to work than to her and makes sure he’s going to show up at a swimming party. Durand has his eye on her and she leaves with him to go to their club. Durand also has ears for Lloyd’s conversation about the bonds.

Outside Tarzan, having nothing else to do, saves a baby from being run over. Anne and Durand show up. Tarzan wants Durand for lunch. Lloyd can’t understand it because Tarzan likes everybody. Lloyd gets mad and tells Tarzan to go back to the office. He slinks off. Durand offers Lloyd a lift and he and Anne get in the car. Durand stops to make a phone call. It’s to his gang members Blackie, another henchman and their moll Gertie. He gives them a coded message. It means get to Lloyd’s office and rob the safe of the bonds. Not too smart since Lloyd is still in the car carrying the bonds.

In the office Blackie and his pal search. Outside Tarzan brings down the fire escape and climbs up to a window. Lloyd comes in with the bonds. Blackie pulls a gat. Tarzan comes in through a window. The fight is on. It’s close but Tarzan is thrown through the glass panel on the door and Lloyd is knocked out. The newspapers hint that it’s an inside job and point the finger at Lloyd. The cops think he’s innocent but the company hires two bumbling detectives to keep an eye on him.

At the swimming party Lloyd puts on a demonstration of Tarzan’s abilities. Once again Tarzan looks like he wants to tear Durand apart. Finally Lloyd is getting suspicious. Outside Lloyd’s office Blackie and Gertie park behind Lloyd’s car. Tarzan sneaks onto the back of their car and they end up at Durand’s place. They want to steal the bonds before Durand gets there.

Tarzan is outside and sees what’s going on. He’s never been trained to use the phone and call the cops. Besides, where’s he going to keep nickels for the phone?

The movie is really bad but dog lovers will like Tarzan.

Tarzan wants in

Tarzan wants in



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