Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

She's looking for a few good men

She’s looking for a few good men

A total bore that crawls along to an obvious ending. A woman from Mars complete with a full length leather cape lands in a remote area of Scotland. With her is one of the movies dumbest looking robots. She calls him Johnny.

Forty miles from the Bonnie Charlie Inn a meteor lands. On the way to investigate are Professor Hennesey and reporter Michael Carter (Hugh McDermott). The Inn is owned by the Jamiesens’. Behind the desk is Doris. Their helper is a creepy looking guy named David. The Jamiesens’ young  newphew Tommy is there waiting for his mother. The Inn’s only guest is London model Helen (Hazel Court).

Hennessey and Carter are lost and end up at the Inn. Also showing up is escaped murderer who calls himself Albert Simpson. He was in prison for killing his wife. He says it was an accident. Doris is his girlfriend and took a job at the Inn to be near him.

When Carter is about to reveals to everyone who Simpson really is a space ship lands outside. When it cools down out walks Nyah (Patricia Laffan). She zaps David before going to the Inn. She says women won the battle of the sexes on Mars and she’s looking for some good breeders. Maybe that’s why the landing legs of the ship look like phallic symbols.

To show her power she brings out Johnny the mechanical man who zaps a tree and a few other things. You can’t help but laugh at this ridiculous image. As this turkey inches along Helen and Carter fall in love in just a few hours. Doris hides Simpson in the attic. Everyone else thinks he took off.

Tommy climbs out his window and Simpson spots him. So does Nyah. She hypnotizes Simpson and takes Tommy to the ship. He comes back later. Carter made a bargain with Nyah. He’ll go if she sends Tommy back. Tommy tells everyone about the nice man in the attic. Carter goes to get him and a still hypnotized Simpson jumps him. They fight and Carter knocks him out and ties him to a chair.

Now Carter and Nyah are on their way to the ship. He grabs the controls for the robot. Since he didn’t read the manual the robot just stares at him and Nyah grabs the controls back. They return to the Inn. She says she’s taking one of them with her and everyone else will have to die. Hennessey volunteers to go. He really wants to make it a suicide mission and blow the ship up. This is an incredible waste of time.

Hazel Court was one of England’s most famous Horror queens.

Heeeeere's Johnny!

Heeeeere’s Johnny!


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2 Responses to Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

  1. I think you’re being a bit too harsh on this one. I’m not saying that it’s an amazing film, it is very kitsch and quite silly. It’s really not that bad for such a cheapo production – it does drag a bit but the interior of the space ship, although simplistic, is quite effective; and the robot is a pretty standard 50’s b-movie robot. Well, I thought it was worth a watch 🙂

  2. vintage45 says:

    They tried for some suspense and tension but the robot was so stupid looking that it just negated anything they were trying to do. All the heroics came off as plain silly. I like movies that are so bad they’re good but this one misses that honor.

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