The Dragon Murder Case (1934)

the dragon murder case 1934

Yawnathon mystery about a man who dives into a pool and disappears. Was he a victim of a dragon?

It’s party time at the Stamm mansion. Rudolph Stamm is over the top drunk. His sister Bernice is wondering where her fiancee Monty is and her childhood friend Leland (Lyle Talbot) wishes she would go for him instead. Mrs.Stamm is insane and laughs a lot. Good thing she has live in nurses. Trainor the butler keeps making sure Rudolph has plenty of booze. Monty finally shows up. He had a flat tire.

Time to jump in the pool. Monty dives off the board and joins another guest in the water. Leland’s in there too. What happened to Monty? He’s missing. Leland calls the cops. Sgt.Heath (Eugene Pallette) is sent to investigate. Later he goes to the home of D.A.John Markham (Robert McWade). Philo Vance (Warren William) is there too. The three head to the Stamm place.

The late Mr.Stamm liked to breed fish and the place is full of aquariums. The pool is called the dragon pool because there may be a dragon living in it. The pool is drained. All they find are three prints of claw marks. A while later they finally find Monty’s body. It’s got claw marks on it. Then there’s another disappearance. Philo keeps everyone in the house as he investigates.

The movie is pretty dull and it isn’t much of a mystery. The supernatural angle is as silly as it sounds. Best bet is to read the series and skip this entry in the movie series.


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