The Great Detective (1979-82)

Douglas Campbell

Douglas Campbell

Douglas Campbell stars as Provincial Detective Alistair Cameron in the Ontario,Canada of the late 19th century. This is a very good series from the CBC.

Opening episode: January 17,1979 – “The Black Curse” – Cameron is sent to check out problems with a band of Indians. Someone took a shot at the medicine man wounding him in the arm. Suspicion falls on a nearby Ukrainian farmer. The Medicine Man says a dream about a two headed dog told him the farmer isn’t the guilty one.

Cameron goes to see him and finds an arrow in the building. The farmer tells him whoever shot it ran away before he could identify him. Constable Lang rides up and takes Cameron to the local Commissioner Harris. Harris talks about his days in Africa. Lang was his quartermaster.

Harris got rich when he found a diamond mine and he left with his fortune and returned to Canada. Lang stayed behind for months and almost died there before rejoining Harris.

Someone tosses a rock through the farmer’ window. He chases him but ends up in a trap that breaks his neck. Cameron finds some beads near the scene. A man named Peter shows up. Lang describes him as a halfwit. He’s a friend of the farmer and has been staying with him. They were both from the same village.

Peter remembers a lock box the farmer had hidden. Cameron opens it and finds a will leaving everything to Peter. Harris holds the mortgage on the land. Nearby, oil has been discovered and Harris says it’s the wave of the future.

Now a fire is set to the Medicine Man’s cabin. It looks like someone is trying to start a war between the Indians and the settlers. Cameron has to find the guilty party before it breaks out.


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