Adam Link-Robot-Eando Binder (Earl and Otto Binder) (1964 novel based on stories from 1939,40,42)

eando binder-adam link robot

Adam is a five hundred pound robot created by Dr.Charles Link. Adam has some emotions and considers Charles and his little dog Terry friends. Adam is a quick learner and can soon read and absorb what he studies. Charles wants to make him a United States citizen.

One day while he was alone in his lab a piece of heavy equipment falls on him and Charles is now dead. The superstitious townspeople think Adam killed him and is a Frankenstein monster. They attack him with clubs and shoot him causing a lot of damage. Even Terry gets killed.

Lucky for him Charles’ nephew Tom shows up. He’s a San Francisco lawyer Charles had been writing to about Adam becoming a citizen. The local sheriff puts Adam in jail and wants to try him for murder. Tom gets him out and takes him back to the lab where Adam repairs himself. Now it’s time for the trial.

Doesn’t look like even past heroics can save him. Adam is found guilty and sentenced to the chair.  The efforts of reporter Jack Hall save the day. Adam turns into a business consultant and makes a pile of money. Jack is his roommate. Adam needs a secretary and Jack brings in Kay Temple, a beauty he’s had his eye and heart on. Kay falls for Adam. She says it’s his mind she fell for. Adam wants to see Kay and Jack married and leaves for an isolated cabin.

One of his neighbors is scientist Dr.Paul Hillory. Adam is depressed and just about to jump off a cliff when Hillory says what he needs is an Eve. Hillory builds him one. An overjoyed Adam brings Kay up to train Eve on how to be feminine. It doesn’t take long for Dr.Hillory’s real agenda to surface. Now the book is off and running.

From here on out expect a lot of adventure and fast paced reading. Hillory turns into a mad scientist,  That causes big problems for the heavy metal couple. Eve ends up framed for a triple murder and Adam battles the local mob. As Adam continues his quest to become a citizen a columnist starts trashing him. That leads to Adam getting involved in all kinds of sports including running a five hundred mile marathon. After all of that a strange adventure awaits Adam and Eve as the government needs him.

This is pure entertainment and well worth checking out if you like the fast paced style of the 1930’s movie serials and just want to get a different take on robots other than from Asimov.  As you can see from the cover, Asimov himself gave it a good plug.


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