City In Darkness (1939)

charlie chan in city of darkness 1939

It could have been a good one but it sinks like a stone thanks to the character played by Harold Huber. His manic performance is beyond annoying and makes it tough to stay to the end. Lon Chaney,Jr. makes a brief appearance as a hotel bouncer. Leo G.Carroll has a blink and you’ll miss him part as a French crook.

A blackout has been ordered in Paris as war looms on the horizon. A spy ring is trying to get a shipload of munitions out of France. The clearance papers describe the cargo as a load of fruit. Charlie Chan is at a twenty year reunion of police and agents that were together at the end of World War One.

The movie goes into the case of Mr.Petroff (Douglas Dumbrille). He wants his secretary Tony Madero arrested for embezzlement. Madero has written him threatening letters demanding he tell the truth that he is innocent.

The story gets so convoluted and goes off in different directions. Madero’s wife is trying to buy a fake passport to get him out of the country. Three comic relief burglars break into Petroff’s house and rob his safe. Someone kills Petroff.

Through it all is Inspector Marcel Spivak (Harold Huber) who is in France from Romania to learn police techniques. His performance is so horrible you may wonder how the movie was ever released. One of the worst entries in the long running Chan series.

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