Justice For All (1968) Unaired Original Pilot For All In The Family

justice for all

The opening song has a few different lyrics and the house, including Archie’s chair, were all different. Gloria was played by Kelly Jean Peters and instead of Polish Mike Stivic, Tim McIntire played the Irishman Richard. Edith was just a bit feistier and gave Archie a few zingers now and then. Lionel Jefferson was played by D’Urville Martin. Over all it was not that funny with only a small hint of the comedy to come. Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton play Archie and Edith Justice.

It’s Archie and Edith’s twenty-second wedding anniversary. While they’re in a rare appearance at church, Lionel, Richard and Gloria are planning to give Edith a present and say it’s from Archie. The Justices’ come home and it’s not long before the arguments start between Richard and Archie.

It starts out over race relations and then into religion. When Richard says “What God?” Archie goes ballistic. Time now to try and settle down to breakfast but it’s not long before they start again. Richard is studying sociology in college and Archie mentions how he can’t afford to live in an apartment of their own with Gloria. Now Edith takes him to task over a swear word and Archie justifies himself.

Now they borrow a bit from the show “‘Till Death Do Us Part” that inspired this show and argue about the difference between argument and discussion.

Lionel comes in with the present. Now there’s a hint of the comedy to come as Archie and Richard start in again about race relations and Archie says some of his best friends growing up were Black. Lionel plays the stereotype because Archie expects it and Lionel finds it amusing to put him on.

Archie uses some Yiddish terms and Richard and Lionel tell him they didn’t know he was Jewish. Even his parents were named David and Sarah. Archie keeps denying he’s Jewish but they’re having too much fun and can’t leave him alone.

Things calm down and Lionel leaves. Edith opens her present. It’s a couple of lace hankies and a card with a long poem. She’s convinced it’s all from Archie and no one says anything different.



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