Cyclone Fury (1951)

cyclone fury 1951

Charles Starrett made sixty-five movies as The Durango Kid. This is number fifty-seven. What makes this one of interest is that Clayton Moore plays a bad guy at the same time he was TV’s Lone Ranger. Not much storyline here and way too much alleged comedy from Smiley Burnett. There’s a really awful scene where Smiley walks through an abandoned store and gets scared by a skeleton in a closet. He rents the place from the bad guy to use as a funeral parlor.

Steve Ramsey (Charles Starrett) is helping train herds of wild horses for use by the government. He leases thousands of acres to Bronc Masters to raise the horses for the army. He has a contract with Captain Barham to provide three hundred head a month. Steve finds out that Bronc is dead after being thrown from his horse. Things slow down to make room for some “comedy” from Smiley and then a song with Merle Travis’ Bronco Busters.

Grat Hanlon (Clayton Moore) has been wanting Broncs’ ranch. He sends his henchman Bunco to follow Steve to make sure he doesn’t get in the way when his men run the horses off the ranch. Steve switches to the Durango Kid and foils that plan.

That night at a town meeting the decision will be made as to who gets the contract. Hanlon says he can provide three hundred head a month. He says he’ll round up Broncs’ herd in order to fulfill the contract with Captain Barham. Not so fast. Steve shows up with a little Indian boy names Johnny. Bronc adopted him after his parents died in a smallpox epidemic and the contract is rightfully his. Steve says he’ll provide the three hundred head to the army.

Hanlon says one of his boys to Johnny’s hotel room. He escapes out the window but breaks his leg. Steve gets him and takes him to the docs’ while Captain Barham watches over him and tells him stories. Johnny gives Smiley a message to take to Chief Running Wolf to get the tribe to start rounding up the horses. Hanlon sends three men after him. Durango puts a stop to that. He makes them take off their boots and walk back to town while Smiley delivers the message.

Hanlon’s next plan is to have his henchmen rob the bank where Captain Barham has the payoff money. Durango shortly breaks that up and returns the money bags.  Now Hanlon works out a deal with a Colonel since he outranks Captain Barham. Hanlon rides off to the fort but instructs his men to finish Steve off. Steve’s not putting up with that.

Now it’s a race again the clock to get the horses. Steve tells Smiley to get the wranglers out to the herd to help the Indians round them up. Get ready for a lot of ridin’ and shootin’ and even some more singin’ and fiddlin’ before this oater rides off into the sunset.

Along with Clayton Moore look fast among the Indians for Jay “Tonto” Silverheels.



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