The Day After Tomorrow (Sixth Column)-Robert A.Heinlein (1949)

robert a heinlein-the day after tomorrow-sixth column

Heinlein novel that caused a lot more controversy years after was written rather that when it was published. PanAsians have taken over America, India and China. It’s up to six people to fight the new empire.

Washington has been destroyed. English is outlawed and labor camps have been opened. Deep in the Rockies is the Citadel. Six men are holed up. Some are military and others scientists. In the lab an experiment wiped out everyone else.  The experiment, known as the Ledbetter effect is refined and it’s now possible to selectively kill Asians. The invaders kill American hostages en mass as examples to cooperate or else.

Major Ardmore heads the team and comes up with an idea how to defeat four hundred million people. Since the enemy hasn’t banned religious meetings he decides to start a new church. The call their God the Lord Mota. Ardmore has a huge building constructed on the mountain as the church. The “priests” carry staffs that are able to kill the enemy without harming Americans. They wear long robes and have halos. They are a sixth column.,not to be confused with a fifth column that’s made up of traitors. Colonel Calhoun is an egomaniacal scientist who who causes Ardmore a lot of trouble.

One of the six is Jeff former lawyer who prefers the life of a hobo. He uses his contacts in hobo jungles to get recruits for the resistance. He and Ardmore go out and challenge the PanAsians and try not to use their staffs to protect themselves from gunshots or any other kind of weapon until they’re ready for an all out assault.

There’s a lot of action in the book that reportedly is based on an unpublished John Campbell story. If you believe in political correctness, leave this book where you find it.



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