My Hero (1952-53)

my hero

Bob Cummings is a real estate man who keeps getting in trouble with his boss played by John Litel and is usually saved by his secretary played by Julie Bishop.

Cummings was nominated for Best Actor Starring in a Regular series. The winner was Danny Thomas for “Make Room For Daddy.” Cummings wasn’t to be denied. That year he did win for the “Twelve Angry Men” episode of “Studio One In Hollywood.”

April 4,1953 episode: “The Big Crush” w/Gloria Winters – Very lame overdone sitcom staple about the teenage girl with the big crush on the older man. High school journalism student Cindy Taylor (Gloria Winters) is assigned to interview a businessman in the community.

She goes to Thackery Real Estate. Mr.Thackery (John Litel) says he’s in a hurry but changes his mind when he finds out her boyfriend Delbert is the son of a major developer. He manages to direct her to salesman Bob Beanblossom (Bob Cummings).

Bob starts to explain the business and she starts to take notes. It’s obvious she’s paying more attention to him than what he’s saying. Julie (Julie Bishop) tells Bob that Cindy left her notebook behind. She shows him some entries which clearly point out she got a big crush on him.

He goes to her house and ends up staying for some popcorn and Cindy’s record collection of hot dance music. The next day Delbert confronts Bob and then Mr.Thackery about the night before. Thackery warns Bob to stay away from her. Now Bob is on his way to pick up an airline ticket for Mr.Thackery.

As he leaves the office Cindy is waiting outside. She says she has a surprise for him in the soda shop next to the travel agency. It’s a hot rendition of a song he told her he liked. Cindy plays the jukebox and they do a hot jitterbug. Thackery walks by and sees what’s going on. He warns Bob to stay away from her or be fired.

Bob tells Julie he has a plan and he’ll need her help. Since Mr.Thackery will be away Bob will use his apartment to discourage Cindy. He says he’ll be a combination of an old fuddy duddy and a heel. He puts out some pill bottles and a number of pictures of girls.

Cindy shows up and Bob pretends to be sick and in need of his pills. Cindy goes into nurse mode and it’s time for plan B. He signals Julie to come in. Bob starts explaining to Cindy where he met all the girls in the pictures. Now Julie makes her entrance as the sexy French girl Yvonne.

Meanwhile Delbert goes to the airport and tells Mr.Thackery that he followed Cindy to his apartment. While Bob and Julie go into their act, Cindy is not discouraged. Then Delbert and Mr.Thackery show up for the usual sitcom confusion.

The episode is hard to get through because of the beyond lame writing.

Gloria Winters was Babs Riley in the original TV version of “The Life Of Riley” with Jackie Gleason (1949-50). Her most famous role was Penny on “Sky King” (1952-59).

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