My Brother’s Keeper-Charles Sheffield (1982)

charles sheffirel-my brother's keeper

Not the typical hard SF book that Sheffield usually writes. This is an entertaining thriller with a SF premise. Like the cover blub says, it’s a fun read.

Leo and Lionel are twins that were raised separately after their parents died in an accident. Leo lived in L.A. and Lionel in London. Leo has a mysterious job that may be with the State Department and Lionel is a classical pianist. As they got older the brothers became very close. On a visit to London Leo says he has to talk to Lionel about something. They drive to a helicopter as they are both expert pilots. Leo pilots this time and then something goes wrong and they crash.

Lionel has a hazy memory of two voices searching the wreckage and then wakes up in the hospital. Dr.Westcott tells him and and his brother were listed as terminal. He managed to put Lionel back together using parts of Leo including segments from his brain.

After a month Lionel goes to the zoo and meets a girl who thinks he’s Leo. Later he’s assaulted on the street and somehow Leo’s martial arts talents save the day. Back at the hospital Westcott says there were no witness and he was probably hallucinating. After his release Lionel has a dinner date with his nurse Tess. That turns into a fun night for Lionel.

Later he’s made unconscious and wakes up tied to a chair. With him are thugs Pudd’n and Dixie. Pudd’n plays piano and Dixie fancies himself a dancer. Their boss finally shows up. He’s Scouse and had a girl named Van with him. They think he’s Leo and are willing to do anything to find out what Leo knows. Thanks to his piano playing Lionel convinces them he’s not Leo. Now they have to figure out what to do with him and Lionel has to figure out how to escape.

He has pills with him that Dr.Westcott gave him. Scouse thinks they may be Nymphs, the world’s most illegal drug. What they’re really looking for is something called the Belur Package and they’ll do anything to Lionel to find out where it is. Lionel manages to escape. His next stop is Calcutta, India.

In India he looks up his old pal Chandra, a former musician. He travels to a house Leo lived in with his fourteen year old mistress. The book kicks into high gear as Lionel pursues the Belur Package and goes to Saudi Arabia. All along Leo’s memories are starting to make their way into Lionel’s brain.

If you like over the top villains and a lot of action than you’ll want to try this.


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