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St.Louis Woman (1934)

Western star Johnny Mack Brown trades in his six guns and ten gallon hat for a football uniform and a tux. Since he was an All American halfback at the University of Alabama it’s not much of a stretch. Jim … Continue reading

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The Night Spiders-John Lymington (1965)

One of Lymington’s better efforts. This is one is more suited for horror fans than SF. A short story writer conjured up a called called “The Night Spiders” a few months ago. He wrote down the idea in his diary. … Continue reading

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Shoestring (1979-80)

Another good British detective show. This one is set in Bristol in England’s West Country and stars Trevor Eve as P.I. Eddie Shoestring. Until having a nervous breakdown he was a computer programmer. Now he’s on Radio West doing a … Continue reading

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Out Of Singapore (1932)

Fun movie despite or maybe because of the terrible acting. Captain Carroll hires Woolf Barstow (Noah Beery) to be his first mate. Barstow has a bad reputation as a number of ships he’s been on have gone to the bottom. … Continue reading

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Supertanks-Edited by Joe Haldeman, Charles G. Waugh and Martin Harry Greenberg

Ten stories from 1954,67,70,75,76,78,79,83. Favorites: “The Computer Cried Charge! (1975) – George R.R. Martin – A general is presented with various plans to defeat an enemy on a planet below. A computer error could wipe out his entire mechanized tank … Continue reading

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Twin Husbands (1934)

One of my favorites from 1934. A man is tricked into getting involved with a robbery. The movie is full of surprises and that makes for a lot of fun. A man wakes up on a couch in a mansion … Continue reading

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Warning Shadows (1923)

Very strange German silent about a Baron jealous of the attention his wife is getting from party guests. A traveling entertainer gives them all a glimpse of a possible future if they don’t knock it off. There’s a multiple use … Continue reading

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