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St.Louis Woman (1934)

Western star Johnny Mack Brown trades in his six guns and ten gallon hat for a football uniform and a tux. Since he was an All American halfback at the University of Alabama it’s not much of a stretch. Jim … Continue reading

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The Night Spiders-John Lymington (1965)

One of Lymington’s better efforts. This is one is more suited for horror fans than SF. A short story writer conjured up a called called “The Night Spiders” a few months ago. He wrote down the idea in his diary. … Continue reading

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Shoestring (1979-80)

Another good British detective show. This one is set in Bristol in England’s West Country and stars Trevor Eve as P.I. Eddie Shoestring. Until having a nervous breakdown he was a computer programmer. Now he’s on Radio West doing a … Continue reading

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Out Of Singapore (1932)

Fun movie despite or maybe because of the terrible acting. Captain Carroll hires Woolf Barstow (Noah Beery) to be his first mate. Barstow has a bad reputation as a number of ships he’s been on have gone to the bottom. … Continue reading

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Supertanks-Edited by Joe Haldeman, Charles G. Waugh and Martin Harry Greenberg

Ten stories from 1954,67,70,75,76,78,79,83. Favorites: “The Computer Cried Charge! (1975) – George R.R. Martin – A general is presented with various plans to defeat an enemy on a planet below. A computer error could wipe out his entire mechanized tank … Continue reading


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Twin Husbands (1934)

One of my favorites from 1934. A man is tricked into getting involved with a robbery. The movie is full of surprises and that makes for a lot of fun. A man wakes up on a couch in a mansion … Continue reading

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Warning Shadows (1923)

Very strange German silent about a Baron jealous of the attention his wife is getting from party guests. A traveling entertainer gives them all a glimpse of a possible future if they don’t knock it off. There’s a multiple use … Continue reading

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Border Town Girl-John D.MacDonald (1956)

Two novellas in this book. The first is “Border Town Girl” which first appeared in 1950 in “Dime Detective Magazine” as “Five Star Fugitive.” The second is “Linda.” The first is hard boiled while the second is about a scheming … Continue reading

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Make Mine Music (1949)

Fifteen minute show packed with music. Nice people doing nice music. It is fun to see and hear an early electric guitar thanks to Tony Mottola. This episode features Carol Coleman, the Tommy Mottola Trio and Johnny Thompson. Carol with … Continue reading

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Panic In Year Zero! (1962)

Directed and starring Ray Milland with a soundtrack by Les Baxter. Good Jazzy theme opening. The credits don’t show up until the end. This is a mostly dull one about World War Three. Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland) is taking the … Continue reading

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