I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes (1948)

i wouldn't be in your shoes 1948

Good adaption of a Cornell Woolrich story about an innocent man on death row.

Most of the story is told via flashback. Tom Quinn (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are an out of work dance team. She works at a dance academy where her job is to dance with the customers taking lessons.

Tom is getting anxious that she’s late getting home. When she finally gets there she explains that she was talking with a customer she calls Santa Claus. He gives her generous tips but never gives her the rush.

They try and get some sleep but two cats carry on outside the window. Tom throws his shoes at them. Ann tells him she tossed out his old shows and they were his good tap shoes. He goes out to look for them but can’t find them. In the morning they turn up outside their door.

In a nearby building a reclusive miser has been strangled and robbed. He horded the old large kind of paper bills. Police Inspector Clint Judd (Regis Toomey) finds a good footprint. It’s from a tap show. It’s traced to Tom. The cops decide to keep and eye on Tom and Ann hoping they’ll lead them to the money.

Tom finds a wallet with two thousand dollars in it on the street next to a weight machine. He wants to turn it in but Ann says to wait. If no one advertises in the newspaper lost and found columns they’ll keep it. No one does so they decide to spend some of it. Bad move.

The cops show up at their apartment. One of them is Clint. Ann recognizes him as the customer nicknamed Santa Claus. They arrest Tom for murder. They tell him there’s still fifty to seventy thousand dollars in the old fashioned bills missing. Tom says he’s innocent and doesn’t have any idea where the money could be.

At his trial the shoes do him in. He’s off to the big house. Ann calls on Clint to help clear him. She uses her feminine wiles on him. She says if he can get Tom released she’ll marry him. Clint says he won’t hold her to that and investigates.

Anyone who has read Woolrich knows that most of his stories have a good resolution. This is no exception.

Along with acting Don Castle was the  associate producer of “Lassie” (1960-62).

Elyse Knox is the mother was “NCIS” star Mark Harmon.


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