Rivals of Dracula-Edited by Robert Weinberg,Stefan Dziemianowicz and Martin H.Greenberg

robert weinberg-stefan dziemianowicz-martin h greenberg-rivals of dracula

Nineteen stories from 1951,78,83,86,91-95. Almost all the stories feature Count Dracula. Favorites:

“Much At Stake” (1991) – Kevin J. Anderson – Bela Lugosi is in his dressing room. Pain from injuries he suffered in world war one come back. He takes a shot of morphine. He wanders off to the far corners of the “Dracula” set and runs into an apparition of Vlad The Impaler.

“Voivode” (1992 novelette) – Douglas Borton – A writer for the movies goes to Romania to do research for a new Dracula movie. He gets more realism than he bargained for.

“Like A Pilgrim To The Shine” (1992 novelette) – Brian Hodge – A young vampire goes to St.Petersburg, Florida. That’s where Dracula has been spending his retirement. A deadly competition begins as the young one takes on his hero.

“Cult” (1992) – Warner Lee – A former Special Ops soldier opens an agency specializing in recovering people from cults and turning them over to deprogramers. He’s hired by a mysterious stranger to get his wife out of a vampire cult.

“Night Cries” (1992 novelette) – Ed Gorman writing as Daniel Ransom – A vampire is trying to hunt down rogue vampires and runs into mobsters working for a corrupt city mayor.

“Cardula’s Revenge” (1978) – Jack Ritchie – One of the best in the Dracula send up series by Ritchie. Professor Von Helsing’s grandson carries on the vampire hunting tradition of the family. He wears a necklace that keeps the vampires away. Cardula is hired to get it away from him.

“Last Call For The Sons Of Shock” (1991) – David J.Schow – In Los Angeles the Frankenstein monster owns a nightclub called the Un/Dead. He’s nicknamed Blank Frank. It’s time for the yearly reunion of his pals Count Dracula and Larry aka/The Wolfman. He’s now a professional wrestler. It’s an interesting gathering and fans of the old movies will really like it and it’s laced with some great humor.

“All Dracula’s Children” (1991 novelette) – Dan Simmons – A group are touring Romania after the fall and execution of leader Ceaucescu. The fiction takes a back seat as the real life horror of the orphanages are mixed into the story.

“The Lord’s Work” (1992 novelette) – F. Paul Wilson – Vampires are taking over the world. On the East Coast of the United States they rule. Since they can’t come out during the daylight they hire the dregs of society to be cowboys. The vampires refer to the population as cattle. The cowboys job is to rustle them up for their masters. One nun fights against them.

Other authors: Robert Bloch, Angela Carter, Carole Nelson Douglas, P.N.Elrod, Edward D.Hoch, Tanith Lee, Richard Matheson, Kim Newman, Norman Partridge, and Lawrence Watt-Evans.


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